Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Re: Rosters & Player Cards

EDP Travel Managers,

I was at the game this weekend and I think we still have some gaps to fill with rosters and player cards.   Girls Managers, please make sure you have players cards for both the Red and the Blue team in your kit.  Please make sure you have Audrey Littlefield's card as she was a late addition and is not on the attached roster list.  We will likely be having guest players for many games and do not want to have to pass the passes back and forth.  Mary Ede (mary@ede.com) is the registrar and should be able to help you with any missing cards.

Please make sure you have up to date copies of the roster as well.  You want at least one copy of the roster for each game.  Often the refs may not return the rister or return it folded from being in their pocket.

Let me know if you have any issues.  We don't want to have any problems at this weeks games.  Sounds like the league will be cracking down.

Coach Mark Smith
(c) 603-493-7179

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Subject: Rosters & Player Cards

Rosters & Player Cards
  Good afternoon,
A wet week 1, and unfortunately looking like the possibility of more showers this weekend. It's spring!!

I would like to briefly send a reminder about rosters & player cards for this season, as referees have been instructed to look for these things while on the field. It is extremely important that you follow the proper guidelines for the league regarding rosters & player cards, or you will be in jeopardy of forfeiting your game should you show up with the incorrect paperwork. 

1. Rosters should be the official USYS roster with the approved signature from the state registrar Ric Marion
2. Player cards must be laminated and have player pictures, along with the approved signature from the state registrar
3. Coaches cards must be available to the referees. If you do not have a coaches card with you, you will not be allowed to be on the coaches side
4. All coaches must be kids safe approved. No exceptions to this rule

For more information on rosters & player cards, please visit 

Thank you for your attention to this.

Cory Halvorsen, Director

Monday, June 17, 2013

Equipment Donation

Hi HFC/ASC Community,

We are writing to ask for donations for INTI Soccer Academy, an organization for inner city youth in Manchester. One of our own HFC/ASC coaches, Jaime Pendleton, is very involved with INTI, and l ast year as part of a school project we were able to collect a lot of equipment that went to great use! If you have any of the following, please consider donating to this awesome cause.

We will have a bucket marked "INTI DONATIONS" on our front porch at 4 Parker Farm Lane Amherst , or if you email amycape@yahoo.com we will come and pick up any donations.

Cleats (especially sizes 5-8)
Shin Guards
Soccer clothing (shorts, jerseys, socks)
Soccer Balls

Thanks again!

Jack (U17), Rachael (U15) and Seth Facey (U13)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

HFC EDP Travel - End of Season Survey


Thank you again for a great season.  I hope everyone enjoyed the end of season party. I also want to thank everyone who made it out to the tryouts despite the poor weather. We are already looking forward to a great season in the Fall.

In order to continue to improve the program, I would like to ask you to complete a quick survey.  There are just a few questions and you can finish it in just a few minutes.  It is very important to get feedback from everyone who is involved in the program for a true picture of all aspects of the program.

I want to thank you for your feedback. 

Coach Mark Smith
(c) 603-493-7179

Thursday, June 6, 2013

HFC Year end Party Postponed till Wednesday 6/12 due to forecast

The club is postponing the Party because of the expected bad weather (raining and cold).  We will not have practice for the same reason.  We will plan on holding the parents meeting during the party on Wednesday at 7pm as well.  Thanks and see you at the games this weekend!

Coach Mark
Due to the projected forecast of heavy rain tomorrow, we will be postponing the club year end party till Wednesday 6/12/13.  It will still be held at Upper Wilkins Field from 6:00-8:00.  Assignments on items to bring will remain the same.  If anyone is available to help setup at 5:30, please come early.
Lisa Davidson

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

HFC EDPT - Parents Meeting, Friday 7:00pm (During the End of Season Party)


We are coming to the end of the Spring season with just 1 game left for each of the teams this weekend.  This Friday at the End of Season club party will be last time we will be together as a group.  I would like to ask everybody to give me 15 minutes for a parents meeting to wrap up a great season.

All the coaches have really enjoyed working with your players and I hope the players have had a great time as well.  If you could plan on being available around 7pm, I have a few items to share with you and we can all get back to enjoying the party.  Thanks.

Coach Mark Smith
(c) 603-493-7179

HFC EDPT - End of Season Party - Friday 6-8pm


We will not be having practice this Friday because we will be holding the End of Season Party!  The party will run from 6-8pm on Upper Wilkins field.  The club provides some of the food and asks each age group to bring something.  I believe we are responsible for desserts.

Please plan on attending.  It is a great time for the players to have some fun unstructured time together and for parents to relax and not worry about what's for dinner.  You are welcome to bring the entire family, the more the merrier.

See you at practice on Wednesday and at the party on Friday!

Coach Mark Smith
(c) 603-493-7179

Saturday, June 1, 2013

NHSA Night 2013 Details! - IMPORTANT


Please see these important details for the Night at the Revolution tomorrow.  If nothing else, please do 2 things:

  1. Print out the parking pass so you can get into the special reserved parking section 6B for the tailgating
  2. Print out, fill-in and sign the liability release for your player and bring to the game.  Players will not be allowed to play with out this release signed by a parent.
Thanks and see you all tomorrow!

Coach Mark


Night at the Revoluton Important Details

·         Parking/Tailgating:

o   Parking map and parking pass are attached

o   Please make sure all cars that will be parking in the lot have the parking pass printed and prominently displayed on your dashboard.  If you do not have a pass you will not be allowed into Lot 6.

o   Lots 6A and 6B are reserved for NHSA and will open at 9AM.  THERE WILL BE NO TAILGATING UNTIL 1:30PM. (Tailgating includes: open fires and grills, consumption of alcohol, tables, chairs and tents, and activities such as ring/bag toss games, soccer playing, etc.)

o   *****You may park in Lot 6 for the games on the field as well as the tailgate (tailgating does not officially start until 1:30PM) and the Revolution game, so you will not need to move your car at all during the day.

o   Feel free to bring grills, food and games to the tailgate

·         Seating for the Revolution game:  ALL NHSA NIGHT SEATS ARE GENERAL ADMISSION WITHIN SECTIONS 123- 129.  Every other seat in the stadium is assigned seating so please stay in these sections.

·         When to ArriveMake sure to leave plenty of time to arrive at the stadium on time, walk over to the field and sign in.  If you are late or miss your game, there is no rescheduling.

o   It is about a 10 minute walk from Lot 6 to the check in area.

·         Where to check in/get information:  When you arrive in Lot 6, there will be an NHSA tent set up in the corner of Lot 6A closest to the stadium.  They will be able to guide you to the check-in for the games and answer any questions.

o   Check in for the games will be at the NRG Plaza entrance (marked on map, under the walking bridge on the concourse you will see when you get there).  There will be 2 check-in tables set up where teams/spectators will show their tickets, hand in their waiver, and players/coaches will get a wristband to gain access to the field.  ***ONLY PLAYERS AND COACHES WILL BE ALLOWED OUT ONTO THE FIELD****

o   Players and coaches on the field must fill out the waiver (attached here) to gain access to the field.

o   From the check in table parents and spectators will be directed into the stands via stairs along the side of the field.  Seating will be available on both the East and West side of the field depending on where your game is.  East side= Sections 108-111  West side= Sections 130-133.

o   EVERYONE will need a ticket to enter the stadium (you will be able to leave and re-enter for the Revolution game)

o   SPECTATORS= Please keep walkways clear, and proceed directly into the stands to alleviate congestion and allow teams the space they need.

o   Bathrooms will be available on the concourse at midfield for players and spectators

·         Games on the field:

o   Once your game is over, please make an effort to leave the stadium field quickly so the next games may begin on time.

o   Team Pictures:  Due to strict timelines, there won't be enough time after your game to take a picture on the field.  After checking in your team can take a photo in the waiting area if time permits.

o   Players and coaches can meet up with their families back at the check-in table area.  Feel free to go back up to the seats to cheer on some of the other NH teams, go check out Patriot Place ( http://www.patriot-place.com/ ), or head back to Lot 6 to get ready for the tailgate depending on when your game ends (tailgating will not  begin until 1:30pm, but you are allowed in the parking lot).

o   Water bottles will be permitted on the field and there will be water coolers on the field to refill.  There is NO food or drinks allowed into the stands.

o   Players can wear cleats or indoor soccer shoes (the surface is field turf).

o   Wear your team uniforms

o   Please remember these are friendly games and should be about the experience of playing on the Gillette Stadium field.  Games will be approx. 25-30 minutes each

·         Additional Notes

o   During the 40th minute, every organization that has at least one team participating will have their organization's name on the Video Boards.   

o   The best place to get autographs after the game will be Autograph Alley.  This is located right where you will be checking in for your games on the field (Patriot Place Plaza, under the bridge).  5 or so players will sign autographs immediately following the game for 20 minutes (weather permitting)

o   If it is not necessary for spectators to bring bags in for the games on the field, please leave them in the car

o   There will be a Flag of New England giveaway for the first 5,000 people to enter the Revolution game

·         General Timeline: Below is a general timeline for the day:

-9:00 am – Parking Lots 6A and 6B open (NO TAILGATING allowed until 1:30pm)
-10:00 am – Check in opens for games on field at the Patriot Place gate
-10:25 am – First series of games begin (5 fields = 10 teams)
-11:00 am – Second series of games begin (5 fields = 10 teams)
-11:35 am – Third series of games begin (5 fields = 10 teams)
-12:10 pm – Fourth series of games begin (5 fields = 10 teams)
-12:45 pm – Fifth series of games begin (5 fields = 10 teams)
-1:20 pm – Sixth series of games begin (5 fields = 10 teams)
-1:55 pm - Seventh series of games begin (5 fields = 10 teams)
-2:30 pm – Eighth series of games begin (5 fields = 10 teams)
-3:00 pm – Last series of games end
-3:05 pm - Stadium must be cleared of all participants/spectators
-1:30 pm - Tailgating can begin in the parking lot
-3:30 pm - Stadium gates open for the game
-4:30 pm - Kick-off (New England Revolution vs. LA Galaxy)
-Autograph Alley will be open after the game (weather permitting)